Family Matters Consulting is a non-profit organization in Santa Barbara, CA established in 2019.

With the passion of serving others, siblings have come together to bring services and support to our community.



The Sullivan Family is a large, loving family of 12 growing up in Ventura Calif.

We are a family raised in traditions and values of relationship, love and family. Our sense of inclusiveness, helping others, giving back and loyalty were characteristics learned from our mom. She volunteered and delighted in helping and serving others. Our sense of fairness, equity and justice was model from our dad. A superior court judge that lived the principles of fairness and honesty.

We learned communication, negation, comprise and fairness from being one of many siblings grew up with. We learned rules, sportsmanship and friendship from the neighborhood of kids many of whom are still in our tribe and a few on our board of directors.

Through all of our individual experiences growing up we are very different but the basic thread of lessons taught and character learned is woven through all of us.

Our desire is to help others and serve our community.  Together we are stronger!