Stronger Families

Reestablishing FATHERS’ roles and impact in the life of children

Daddy Matters - Focus

  • The importance in the role of dads
  • Encouraging dads to step in and step up
  • Preparing new dads and dads to be
  • Strategies for Reestablishing dads in the lives of their children

Dad Matters - Service

  • Dad conference
  • Dad Support groups
  • Dad parent education
  • Dad Coaching


  • Stronger dads, better families
  • Involved Dads increase educational outcomes for children
  • A greater understanding of the importance of dad’s impact in the life of a child

Recovering relationships for parents with ADDICTION

Parents in recovery – focus

  • Understanding the balance of parenting and recovery
  • Supporting parents to decrease relapse
  • To help parents know and utilize their resources for parenting and sobriety

Parents in recovery - services

  • Trauma Informed Parent education
  • Gender specific support groups for parents in recovery
  • Parent education for balancing parenting and recovery
  • Kids in foster care – understanding the system - reunification


  • An increase of parents successfully reuniting with their children
  • An ongoing parent support for parents struggling in recovery
  • Educated parents with a plan for decreased relapse

Reestablishing relationships with INCARCERATED parents

Incarcerated parents – focus

  • To assist incarcerated parents transitioning back home
  • To develop new strategies for increased success in returning
  • To identify issues, triggers and bad habits replaced with new parenting skills

Incarcerated parents – services

  • Educational training - Transitioning from prison to parenting
  • Kids in foster care – understanding the system - reunification
  • Parent education classes
  • Trauma-Informed Parent education


  • Heathier transition to being a parental role again
  • Understanding the ages and stages children are now in
  • A better understanding of foster care and reunification