Strengthening Parents

Rebuilding and reinforcing PARENTS & FAMILIES with stability and dignity for a healthy, stronger future

Parent Support Focus

  • To build strong, healthy family relationships
  • To create a loving, nurturing home environment
  • To help create a new vision for families
  • To calm chaos, stop arguing
  • To give immediate skills parents and caregivers can use
  • To offer age-appropriate, positive strategies to families
  • To get parents and caregivers on the same page
  • To help parents have FUN and enjoy their families

Parent Support services

  •  Educating for a healthy start for a healthy family future
  • Trauma informed parenting
  • Positive Discipline
  • Ages and Stages – What to expect
  • Topic Specific Parent Success Strategies
  • Parent Coaching


  • Building communities of parents once isolated
  • Strong and confident parents making a difference in the lives of their children, schools and communities
  • Children who are respectful, helpful, responsible and fun

Reconnecting with TEENS and raising them to launch as adults

Teen Matters - Focus

  • Equipping Teens to Launch successfully
  • Financial Literacy
  • Teen Parents

Teen Matters - Service

  • Educational classes for parents on building relationship with their teens
  • Supporting parents and teens on strategies to launch
  • Training for new or soon to be teen parents
  •  Parent coaching for parents of teens and teen parents


  • Positive relationships with parents and teens
  • Confident and productive teens
  • Equipped and involved teen parents

Revisioning being a GRANDPARENT–parenting grandchildren

Grandparents raising grandchildren - Focus

  • To help grandparents’ transition back to a parent role with their grandkids
  • Empowering grans parents to develop healthy boundaries with their own children
  • To equip grandparents with parent success skills

Grandparents raising grandchildren - Services

  • Grandparent support groups
  •  Education geared towards grandparenting success strategies for discipline
  • Grandparenting Coaching


  • The increase of grandparents getting the support they need
  • The increased support for a successful transition better for the child(ren)
  • More productive home balance, less stress and disruption for children