Our mission... Building stronger relationships for healthier families

Our vision... We educate and provide tools to build stronger family foundations in order to increase resiliency, build communication, and restore relationships with our youth in the home, the classroom, and the community.


Strengthening parents

Rebuilding and reinforcing  parents and families with stability and dignity for a healthy, stronger future

Reconnecting with teens and raising them to launch as adults

Revisioning being a grandparent–parenting grandchildren

Stronger families

Reestablishing fathers’ roles and impact in the life of children

Recovering relationships for parents with addiction

Reestablishing relationships with incarcerated parents

Supporting schools

Regulating classrooms with order, calming the chaos and disruption

Restructuringadverse childhood trauma experience (ACE) outcomes through education and success strategies.

Restoring school  - with restorative practices, prevention strategies to become more productive and less punitive





Support Groups

About Us

Family Matters Consulting is a non-profit organization in Santa Barbara, CA established in 2019.

With the passion of serving others, siblings have come together to bring services and support to our community.

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